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Hello! I’m Trang Ho, founder of Befits. Let me take you back to where it all began…

I have always struggled to find dresses that actually fit from off-the-rack clothing stores. During a phone call in late 2019, my mom suggested sending measurements to her favorite tailor, Thanh Nga, in my hometown, Tu Son, Vietnam, to get a tailored dress. To my surprise, the dress fit perfectly when it reached my house in Bloomington, Indiana! It was the exact design I wanted and it cost a fraction of what a tailored dress in the US would cost. Since that first dress in November, 2019, I ordered more tailored dresses handmade in Tu Son and shipped to the US.

I quickly realized that many other women also experience the same fit issues. After 8 months of talking to women about fit and shopping experience, and the Vietnamese tailors and fabric suppliers, BEFITS was born.

I believe that every woman deserves clothing that fits. With Befits, we connect American women with independent tailors to create clothing that is made-to-measure and ethically crafted.

Measuring Guide

All you need are a friend and a measuring tape. Empty your pocket, relax your body and be honest! Please provide your exact measurements (not rounded) as you can choose your fit preference, exact fit verse loose fit, while you select a product.

Place the measuring tape where the shoulder seam meets one of the sleeves. Measure up over the curve of the shoulders, until the other shoulder seam meets the sleeve. The measuring tape should touch the lowest part of the shirt collar.

Run the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest, tight up under your armpits and over the shoulder blades, just in line with your nipples. Keep the tape parallel to the floor. Please note that the type of bra you wear will affect the measurement. For the best fit, wear the type of bra you usually wear on a daily basis.

Start from where your shoulder meets your neck and measure down along the front of your body to the tip of the bust.

Measure around the narrowest part of the natural waistline, which is usually in line with your elbow crease and about 1-2 inches above your belly button. To check, bend to one side – the crease that forms is your natural waistline. Often it is just below your ribcage and in line with your elbow crease. Try to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor as you measure all the way around your torso.

For the best result, tie a ribbon (or string or skinny belt) at your natural waist (the narrowest part of the waistline) to mark it. Then start from where your shoulder meets your neck and measure down following along the curve of your front to the marker at your natural waist.

Standing with heels together, measure around your body at the broadest part of your hips. This will include the fullest part of your backside, too and should be just about where your legs meets your torso.

Wrap the measuring tape over the top of your shoulder and around under your armpit.

Place the tape measure around the widest part of your upper arm, your bicep.

Place one end of the measuring tape where the shoulder seam meets the sleeve. Measure along the arm down to the point where you would like your sleeve to end.

Start from where your shoulder meets your neck and measure down following along the curve of your front to where you would like your dress to end.

Meet the Tailor, Nga Thanh

Ms Nga is a well-known tailor in her district, Tu Son in Vietnam. She has been hand-making women’s dresses for more than 20 years and women of all ages come to her for perfectly tailored dresses. She has her own shop in Tu Son and currently mentors a team of three young apprentices. You’re welcome to visit her shop if you’re ever in Tu Son! Befits is very lucky to partner with her to bring the best tailored dresses for women all over the world. While not hand-cutting fabrics, she enjoys spending time with her 10 year old son and cooking delicious Vietnamese food.