You deserve clothing that is made for your unique body, not the other way around

Each piece is handcrafted just for you by our highly-skilled artisans in Vietnam

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Our Values

Where Technology meets Craftsmanship.

Our body scanning technology accurately obtain your measurements and analyze your body type.

Price transparency

We share the true costs of each product, from materials and labor to transportation, and we show you how our margin compares to the traditional retail markup.

Connect you with talented tailors in Vietnam

Each piece is crafted just for you by highly-skilled independent tailors and family-owned tailoring businesses in Vietnam.

How we made custom clothing accessible to everyone

1. Select

Pick your favorite design. Can't find what you are looking for? Schedule a free consultation with your personal stylist.

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2. measure

Simply take two pictures of yourself. Our 3D body scanning technology accurately obtain your measurements. No quiz or measuring tape is needed!

3. Craft

Your tailor crafts a new piece for you. We do all the checks to ensure you are happy with your garment before shipping it to your door.

4. Ship

Receive your garment in three weeks.

The Founder's Story
Hello! I am Abbey, the founder of Befits Tailor.

I have always struggled to find clothing that actually fits from off-the-rack clothing stores. During a phone call in late 2019, my mom asked me "Why don't you send your measuremets to my tailor here in town? She would love to tailor clothes for you!". To my surprise, the dress that I ordered fit perfectly when it reached my house in Indiana and it cost a fraction of what a tailored dress in the US would cost.


Abbey, I want to let you know that the dress fits perfectly! It is so well made too, just beautiful! I can't believe how fast it came. Thank you.


The dress that I chose was exactly what I wanted. I chose the sleeve length and neckline and most importantly for me the dress length. I love the way the dress drapes on my figure. I will look forward to trying other styles on future orders.


Despite my initial fear, the instructions for measuring myself were straightforward and I was very happy with the dress. I loved the idea that I can choose the length of the dress. As this can the make or break for me.


Everything is excellent! The dress fits great and I love the classic style. I plan to wear to a wedding in July and will get the word out on Befits Tailor and your model of empowering women. Well done! great customer service!