Can’t Find Clothing that Fits? Standard Sizing is to Blame

Growing up, I really hated shopping. I spent hours upon hours picking out clothes that suited my tastes, only to leave the dressing room filled with disappointment when they didn’t fit. My size varied from store to store, brand to brand, and even item to item. It was infuriating.

My friends and I had always complained about clothing sizes, but it wasn’t until I went to a thrift store for the first time that I realized how truly awful the problem was. I picked out 6 pairs of pants, all the same size as the pants I came in with, and excitedly went to try them on. Not a single one fit. A few wouldn’t button, some hugged all the wrong places, and one pair even fell off my body entirely! I couldn’t believe how varied it was.

This really got my thinking about how we decide to size clothing and I was shocked to see how utterly arbitrary it was. According to this article from Time, women’s sizes were originally based on age! Over time, sizing changed, but the numbers still mean nothing. A size 8, for example, corresponds to a 25.5 in. waist and a 36.5 in waist. Do you know where the 8 came from? I sure don’t. Additionally, it doesn’t help that many stores have their own sizing systems that make shopping even more of a headache.

So how do we fix this? If you ask me, we should ditch standard sizing all together. Even if we were able to label pieces of clothing more accurately, that doesn’t address the root of the issue.

Everyone’s bodies are different! There simply is no standard. Weight distribution, height, proportions, etc. are just a few of the many factors that make all of our bodies unique. How could we possibly standardize our clothes with so much variation?

That’s why the future of fashion lies in our history: tailoring. With mass production clothing and the ever quickening trend cycles, tailoring has been extremely underutilized. Tailoring allows you to create something specifically for your body, instead of settling for what you can find on the racks.

Many women hesitate to have clothing tailored, as cost is a concern and it seems to be something reserved only for upper class individuals. However, Befits Tailor is here to help! With our affordable, transparent pricing and ethically sourced materials, you can feel good about the clothes you buy – and feel good in them! Take the guesswork out of shopping and buy clothes made for you, not a mannequin.

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