Connecting with Co-Workers in a Virtual Environment

As things slowly make their way back to normal, it is true that some things are our new normal. Throughout the past two years, many companies have adopted a work-from-home environment or at least a combination of it. While this has many benefits, it can be hard to create a true connection with your coworkers, especially if you’re just starting out. There are a few ways to better connect with your colleagues while working from home. 


Host a virtual coffee chat or happy hour!

One of the best ways to connect with your peers and get to know them better is after work hours. This gives everyone the opportunity to open up and speak about things they are truly passionate about. By hosting a coffee chat or happy hour, individuals will be encouraged to come with a drink, which can be a great talking point to start! 


Have team bonding breaks 

What better way to break up the work day than by having a team bonding break? This is a great way to designate 15-30 minutes within the day for your team to get together and do some team bonding exercises. Each week, have a different member of your team host the game or exercise for a fun way to get everyone involved!


Create company-wide challenges

Everyone loves a little competition! Hosting different challenges like “most hours volunteered a month” or “farthest miles ran/walked” could be a fun way to get workers involved out of the office. Take the time to ask your co-workers what kind of challenges they’d be interested in.


While work-from-home limits us to create some face-to-face connections that many of us appreciate, there are several ways to bond with individuals through a screen. What are some ways you’ve connected with your peers while working from home?

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