Standard Sizing and Its Effects On Mental Health

A couple of months ago I found a pair of jeans in a size 29 that fit me perfectly. I later ordered another pair of jeans from the same brand in the same size, different style, only to be disappointed that they were too small and didn’t make it past my thighs. This made me feel devastated and overall aggravated. A few weeks later, I tried on a different pair in the same size only to find that they were too big for my body. When it comes to standard sizing and retailers that mass produce, there is little attention to detail on the consistency and accuracy of the sizing across all products, which can leave consumers feeling upset and confused about their body image.  

Along with this, the standardized sizing terms society has deemed appropriate have such a negative connotation surrounding them. Our bodies are vastly different from clothes that are made on a scale of x-small to x-large. According to therapist Dr. DiTommaso, not fitting into one size over another can cause consumers anxiety, frustration, depression, eating disorders, and even relationship issues. As consumers, we deserve to feel comfortable in the clothes we wear without having a sizing label tied to it. Clothes should be made to fit our bodies, not the other way around. 

Befits wants women to feel good in the clothes they wear. This is why we offer handcrafted custom clothing made to your exact dimensions. Visit our website to utilize the 3-D body scanning feature that will show your dimensions through the use of photos. Also, please feel free to schedule a free personal consultation to find out what color, style, and size would be right for you!

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