Where It All Began


I am Abbey Ho. I am originally from Vietnam and moved to the US for college in 2011. After graduation, I took a job in HR consulting and have lived and worked in Atlanta, Singapore, Texas and Indiana. While the pandemic has been challenging on so many levels, it has allowed me to slow down and reevaluate my life priorities. I started to reflect on my work and asked myself “Am I really happy at my job? Do I wake up every Monday morning and feel excited to work?” The answer is almost always no. So, I turned to my inner self and searched for solutions. 

Following my gut feeling.

Both my parents are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship has always been in my blood. However, I made many excuses not to pursue it (I don't have enough time, it is too risky, I don’t have any good ideas, starting a business requires too much money) because I was afraid that I would fail. However, my gut told me “Just give it a try. Life is too short not to pursue what you love.” So, I took a leap of faith to embark on my entrepreneurship journey in the middle of a global pandemic! 

Finding the problem that is worth solving. 

In the following months, I searched for real problems that I want to tackle by reflecting on my own pain points in everyday life. I remember the painful experience finding a dress for my wedding back in late 2018. As a petite woman, it is almost impossible to find a dress off the rack that fits me, and it would be too costly to have a tailored wedding dress. During a phone call with my mom in Vietnam, she asked me “Why don’t you send your measurements to my tailor in Vietnam for a tailored dress?”. What a brilliant idea, right? I did that and to my surprise, the dress fit perfectly when it reached my house in Indiana. It was the exact design I wanted, and it cost a fraction of what a tailored dress in the US would cost. Since that first dress in November 2018, I have ordered more tailored clothing handmade in Vietnam and shipped to the US.

My tailored wedding dress that was tailored and hand painted by my tailor in Vietnam.

Befits Tailor was born.

I quickly realized that many other women experience the same fit issues and thought “This is the problem worth solving! Why don’t I connect the Vietnamese tailors with American consumers who might never have tailored clothing?” After 8 months of talking to women about fit and shopping experiences, to Vietnamese tailors, and to fabric suppliers, Befits Tailor was born. 

I believe that every woman is beautiful in her own way, and she deserves clothing that is made for her unique body, not the other way around. With Befits Tailor, I want to connect women with talented tailors in Vietnam to create clothing that is made to fit women and honor the tailors’ craftsmanship. 

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