Honor Your Tailor's Craftsmanship

At Befits Tailor, we believe every woman is beautiful in her own way and she deserves clothing that is made for her unique body, not the other way around. We connect you with talented tailors in Vietnam who handcraft each garment just for you. We honor the tailors' craftmanship and make sure each tailor is fairly paid through our transparent pricing model.


We share the true costs of each product, from materials and labor to transportation, and we show you how our margin compares to the traditional retail markup.

Technology meets Craftsmanship

Our body scanning technology accurately obtain your measurements and analyze your body type. Our tailors will then carefully analyze your measurements to create a pattern specifically for you. Your garment will fit you like a glove.


We have spent months sourcing and testing different fabrics to find the finest and most durable materials for our pieces. Our tailors use tranditional techniques that take more time but produce a higher quality product. We don’t design with trends in mind, but rather create classic and timeless pieces that serve as staples for decades to come.

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