Meet Your Tailor

We treat every tailor like family - and we invite you to be part of this family! You can connect with the tailors who make your clothing. We believe that cultivating this relationship not only inspires our tailors in their work but also brings to light the stories behind your clothing. Each of our garments holds the kindness, passion, and hard work of our tailors and the entire Befits Tailor family.

Tailors Huu Minh and Ho An

Mr. Minh and Mrs. An are from Hue, a city in central Vietnam that is well-known for highly skilled artisans. They both have over 30 years of experience tailoring women's blazers, suits and slacks. They are happily married and co-own a tailoring practice in Saigon, Vietnam.

While not hand-cutting fabrics, the couple enjoy travelling and cooking traditional Hue food. Fun fact: Mr. Minh also has great guitar and vocal skills and loves showing off his talent with friends and family!

Tailor Giang Vo

Mrs. Giang grew up in Lam Dong, a province in the south of Vietnam. She learned sewing from her mom when she was a child and has been passionate about design and fashion since then. She enjoys designing beautiful jackets for women to express their styles and personalities.  

While not sewing, she enjoys hanging out at cute coffee shops, checking new chicken pho street vendors and traveling. People at Mr. Minh's tailoring studio love her positive energy and sense of humor. 

Thanh Truc

Ms. Truc is a seamstress, and she works for Mr. Huu Minh and Hoa Thu. She currently lives in Saigon and has been tailoring women’s clothes for more than 10 years. ⁠

Ly Nguyen

Ms. Ly is from Saigon and has been working as a seamstress for more than 8 years. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her son and gardening.

Dung Le

Mr. Dung is from Saigon and has been working at the practice for 5 years. People loves him for his dedication and attention to details. While not working with fabrics, he enjoys soccer and spending walking with his wife on the beach.

Our skilled tailors draw your measurement and shape on the fabric before cutting. This is the most difficult step of the tailoring process as everything must be precise! After the fabric is cut, it will be sent to our seamstress team for sewing.